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The Brand

2020 was a tough year for brick-and-mortar businesses, but even tougher for those who relied heavily on regular events like our client Warehouse Clearance Outlet (WCO).

For years, they had been successfully using weekend Garden Sale Events drive sales for their range of outdoor furniture.

But once social distancing restrictions were put in place, their key strategy suddenly became unviable overnight.

1) Split users up with a funnel.

Firstly, we created a “Funnel” for their customers.

This allowed WCO to split their audience into 4 segments based on purchase-intent, allowing for increased conversions and higher revenue than traditional mass targeting. Here’s what our strategy looked like at each step:

-> Top of funnel:

Ads showcasing WCO’s product range were used to introduce customers to the brand in a non-salesy, low-urgency way. When a user interacted with the ad, it also gave us one huge advantage: We could now retarget them and lead them further down the sales funnel.

-> Middle of funnel:

Here, we worked on building the customer relationship by showing ads featuring User-Generated Content such as customer reviews, or photos taken by customers themselves.
This was HUGE for building up trust – something we’d need for the final stage of the funnel.

-> Bottom of funnel:

At this “Action Stage”, the customer simply needed one final nudge before buying. Ads featuring discounts and urgency-led offers were used to encourage the customer to act now and purchase the very same day. As a customer that buys from a brand once is about 5x more likely to do it again, the next phase of the funnel was crucial.

Loyalty phase:

This final phase helped us to increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of the customer, encourage repeat purchases, and add further revenue per customer that went through the funnel.


At each stage, we would also make sure to include a testing element in WCO’s ads – whether through different creative combinations, or different copy angles. This helped use to find their best performing ads and double down on them, further increasing their profits from the ad campaigns.
After properly segmenting their customers, we took a look at adding another profit centre to their campaigns: Email.

2) Collecting Any Leftover Revenue Using Email

The hard truth: Most users will leave your site without buying. For this reason, a well-rounded email marketing strategy is needed to collect any revenue that might otherwise be left on the table. To do this, we set up three different types of email sequences:

-> Welcome series:

The “Intro to WCO” – these helped users get to know who WCO was. By taking advantage of the higher open rates and click through rates a Welcome Sequence often sees, we were able to redirect much of the traffic back to WCO’s website (and re-enter them into the funnel at the appropriate stage).

-> Cart abandonment:

Triggered when a user adds an item to their cart, but doesn’t finish their purchase. Given that up to 50% of customers will go back to finish their purchase when asked, this served a major revenue booster for WCO’s campaigns.

-> Post purchase flow:

Sent out on a delay soon after a customer has purchased an item.

These were leveraged to generate even *more* UGC, which could then be leveraged in the Facebook campaigns (almost like a self-oiling machine). Finally, we combined organic and paid strategies to create a fully-rounded growth strategy for WCO.

3) Being Omnipresent

First, we helped WCO to develop a stronger organic strategy through a social media makeover of their Facebook + Instagram profiles, and a more targeted content plan. We then leverage this new-and-improved organic strategy through paid ads to create “omnipresent” ad campaigns. (Omnipresence campaign = A simple, effective, and affordable way a business can stay top-of-mind with its customers.)


Spent: £217,972.79
Returned: £3.25M
ROAS: 14.95x

It is important to note that about 20% of these sales were collected via phone call, as opposed to the ecommerce store. However, with the omnipresent Facebook strategy that we put in place for WCO serving as their only method of marketing at the time, it was anticipated that this would lead to a number of over-the-phone enquiries from some customers.

While these results shouldn’t be considered “normal” for Facebook ads – particularly amidst the challenges COVID-19 – it paints an exciting picture of what is possible with the right advertising strategy on Facebook. And here at Public Nectar, we fully believe we’ve effectively carved out that strategy.

We’d love to help you implement a strategy like this for your ecommerce store too! To talk to us about how Facebook ads could be used to scale your ecommerce store, simply book in a free strategy call with us today.