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The Brand

Cake Decorating Co. are an award-winning retailer of cake decorating supplies that were struggling to maintain consistent results from their Facebook Ads. They approached Public Nectar to help create a bespoke strategy focused on consistent ROAS and scalability.

1) Put together thumb-stopping creative

The client had a lot of eye-catching product photography on their site, but were struggling to translate it into Facebook/Instagram -friendly thumbstoppers.

Luckily, Ad Creative is something we specialise in here at Public Nectar. And using this experience of creating thumb-stoppers in the past, we worked with the client’s design team to create briefs that would “stop the scroll” in the feed. This meant…

Colourful, eye-catching images highlighting the “fun” aspect of their products;

Overlay text on the creative sharing the brand USPs in a scannable, digestible way;

And product-centric videos that showed their cake decorations in action.

We then combined this with ad copy which took various angles, such as storytelling copy, as well as direct, short benefit-driven copy.

2) Developed a winning strategy for Black Friday and beyond

Black Friday is usually a sea of competition, and it can be nearly impossible for brands to effectively stand out… Most brands simply put ad spend behind the same kind of ads, target for a mass audience, and hope to lure people in with crazy discounts. We knew we had to be more strategic to stand out.

To help us do this, we set up a 4-step funnel that separated users into groups based on their purchase intent. Here’s what that looked like:

-> Top of funnel: Introduce completely cold traffic to the brand, show them the client’s USPs with thumb-stopping creative, and encourage the click-through to the landing page.

-> Middle of funnel: Explain other benefits of the client’s product range and service offering. Showcase product reviews. Use user-generated content to build trust and nurture the audience.

-> Bottom of funnel: Finally ask for the sale, with a special Black Friday discount to nudge the customer over the line and finally make the purchase.

Retention Phase:
Encourage repeat purchases from existing customers. Leverage brand recognition to turn one-off customers into frequent buyers, and eventually into brand advocates.

*Keep in mind: It’s about 3-5x cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. This means the “Retention” phase of the funnel can be a HUGE profit center for your advertising campaign. Always look for ways to increase the LIfetime Value (LTV) of your customers, and turn one-off customers into frequent buyers.*

At each stage of the funnel, we also made sure to do one thing that made all of the difference. We tweaked the messaging of the ads. This meant that, instead of each user drowning in “crazy discount” ads from brands they’d never heard of, we could meet the users where *they* were in the buying process.

This then allowed us to guide them down the funnel in a completely natural, non-pushy way.

3) Optimised ads through testing

Finally, we performed ongoing testing on their campaigns. This meant split testing a range of ad creative, copy, and targeting combinations to find which were the most profitable. Once the most profitable ads were found, these were tested against each other. When these winners were found, they were tested again.

(And again, and again, and again…)

This testing step wasn’t done just once – it was an ongoing process. This allowed us to double down on the most profitable ads, and make sure the client was getting the most bang for their advertising buck.

The results?

Ads that not only stopped the scroll, but also got users to actually click through to the client’s website as well. We then helped them put together the right strategy to approach their Black Friday sale…

Spent: £21,261.22
Returned: £192,660.00
Return on ad spend (ROAS): 9.06x (nearly double their initial target)
Purchases: 5,776

The Cake Decorating Co.