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The Brand

SwiftReg are a niche e-commerce brand offering custom car and bike number-plates, who had previously ran their own ads but could not maintain consistent results and scalability. They turned to Public Nectar to help them achieve this.

1. (Really) Doing our Research

Firstly, we took a closer look at the most important part of the advertising strategy: The customer.

For this product, it might have seemed that the customer was obvious: “Car people”. But we were careful not to fall into the trap of *only* targeting the “obvious” avatar types. In fact, gifting ads for Christmas and birthdays ended up driving a substantial amount of purchases for this product. This is something we couldn’t have known beforehand, and would’ve created a HUGE hole in our campaign if left out…

To help us build a better picture of their customer avatars, we leveraged resources such as existing Buyers Lists.

*Bonus Tip: These Buyers Lists can also be combined with Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences (LLAs) feature to find new customers similar to those who’ve already purchased – something that helped boost revenue significantly in SwiftReg’s campaigns).*

2.) Tailoring Our Messaging

We knew from previous campaigns that not every customer is made equal, and therefore it’s important to split them up based on their purchase intent. To do this, we split SwiftReg’s customers into 3 different categories to target: top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of Funnel. Those towards the ToF stage had never heard of the brand, while those at BoF were ready to buy.
Each stage would require a different angle of messaging to lead them further down the funnel. For example:

-> Top of funnel:

Customers don’t know the brand yet. USP-driven angles, stories, and Problem-Solution ads help to introduce them and warm them up at this stage.

-> Middle of funnel:

People know the brand, but still need proof at this stage to move forward. Reviews, photos from customers themselves and User Generated Content (UGC) work best here.

-> Bottom of funnel:

Customer is ready to buy, and just needs the final nudge. Urgency-led angles, discounts, and time-sensitive offers help to move the needle most here.

We then added an important extra stage to the funnel – the Loyalty Stage. This phase helped SwiftReg to capitalise on the Lifetime Value (LTV) of its customers, by encouraging repeat purchases and higher order values. This was done through ads which focused on Upsells, Cross-sells, and downsells of different products and services SwiftReg offered.
Finally, our last lesson allowed us to stand out more easily in the Facebook Feed.

3) Prioritising Creative

You might have a great product that’s perfect for the user – but if no one stops to read your ad, you may as well not have a product at all. Instead of treating creative as an afterthought, we put an emphasis on putting together thumb-stopping creative to grab the users in the feed.


Spent: £98,636.37
Returned: £2.05M
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 20.77x

“5 Star Service

Excellent service from the team at Public Nectar. The team are very responsive to emails and phone calls, and always on hand to discuss any last minute campaign changes or updates.

ROAS has always been in line with targets and have worked to grow our spend or volume of sales profitably.

No negatives on the service and would highly recommend serious consideration if you are in the market for a new social media company.’’