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The Brand

Play Expo is a gaming conference offering an experience jam-packed with activities surrounding popular culture and the gaming world, over a two-day event. It is run by one of the largest gaming conference organisers in the UK, Replay Events, and was being held in both Manchester and Glasgow.

The Goal

The primary aim for the PlayExpo event was to boost the ticket sales for the event compared to previous years, and to increase profitability of the Facebook Ads strategy they already had in place.

The Solution

The first step we took was to pull data from previous events to find out what had worked, and what hadn’t. This would help us to identify which strategies, personas, placements and ad creatives were the most profitable for an event like this.

We then analysed the data to find what strategies could prove most profitable for our client. This involved testing different personas to find out which type of audience was most likely to buy a ticket. To help us in finding profitable persona, we used Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to find audiences similar to those who had purchased tickets in the past.

The Strategy

We began with creating Top Of Funnel Canvas ads for the events. We’ve found this can be a very profitable approach, based on experience from previous events. The look of the ad also helped to mimic the unique experience that the prospect could expect from the event by taking them on a more visual journey.

Middle Of Funnel ads were then targeted to users who’d interacted with the social media pages or website. These would be a video series focusing on what the user could expect at the event. By doing this, we could re-target users who watched the video, and lead them further down the funnel.

The Bottom of Funnel ads highlighted a sense of urgency for buying tickets, and combined it with an added aspect of social proof. This was done by running Pay per Engagement ads on the posts that we’d already ran to generate social proof in the form of Likes, Comments, and Shares. We combined this with ads highlighting the days left until the event, as well as the pushing the aspect of ticket scarcity, in order to stress the need for action amongst the ticket-buyers.

The strategy of social proof proved to be an effective incentive to potential buyers. It not only validated the popularity of the event, but also reinforced the need to act quickly in the eyes of the buyer. This social proof gave the impression that many other users had already purchased their tickets, and the opportunity to grab theirs may soon be gone.


As a result of the Lookalike strategies and retargeting tactics that we used during PlayExpo’s campaign, we were able to produce £37,000 in ticket sales – a 3x return on ad spend. Not only this, but we helped PlayExpo to double their sales from the previous year.

In the lead-up to the PlayExpo event, the high ticket sales meant another hall had to be added to the event floor plan to cope with capacity – a testament to the success of the strategies we used for PlayExpo.

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