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The Brand

Prestige Cars is the leading retailer of secondhand performance cars throughout the UK. Before working with Public Nectar, their business was relying heavily on auto-trader, with little to no income deriving from online sales.

The Goal

When Prestige Cars approached Public Nectar, they had the aim of building their brand through social media. This meant growing their following on both Instagram and Facebook, and leveraging this awareness to get the word out about their products and services. Of course, the ultimate goal of this approach was to drive further sales through social media.

The Solution

At the time we started work with Prestige Cars, the car dealership industry was going through an exciting change.

Up until this point, many buyers were choosing to buy a new car outright. But a new shift was emerging towards lower-cost financing options for buyers. This played out well with Prestige Cars’ aim to build the brand through social media, as cars could now be advertised at price points more accessible to potential buyers than before.

Of course, the next step was to find out how to showcase these offers on social media whilst also maintaining the high-quality feel of Prestige Cars’ brand and service.

This meant creating clean, minimalist collages advertising the key benefits and features of the car – something that users scrolling through their feeds could easily look over at a glance. To do this, we organised photoshoots to get high-quality imagery of the cars’ attractive features. These images, when combined with the minimalist collages, was something that created a lot of traction for Prestige Cars’ social media.

We then worked with Prestige Cars to create a paid Facebook and Instagram strategy to generate more leads by tapping into larger audiences.

The Strategy

At the Top Of Funnel level, we made target users aware of the problem they were experiencing, while also introducing the solution that Prestige Cars could offer. No hard selling was done at this point – the main goal was simply to build awareness and trust among a cold audience.

Onto the Middle Of Funnel ads, the main aim was to continue showcasing the benefits of Prestige Cars’ service, while also keeping the brand at the top of the customers mind. To do this, we ran a series of different ads, using different ad types and creatives, and retargeted across different platforms. We also created a video series which allowed us to re-target visitors who watched a certain percentage of a video. This helped us further in our efforts to keep the brand top of mind.

Finally, the bottom of funnel ads focused mainly on the call to action – choosing a vehicle on-site to purchase. This meant using different ad formats and creatives, such as carousel ads, to showcase the benefits of the service at a glance.

By building up trust and keeping Prestige Cars at the top of the customers’ mind throughout the funnel, we were able to persuade users why the brand would be the go-to choice for purchasing a car. This strategy saw a lot of success in attracting high-quality leads for their cars, and was a key revenue-driver for the business as a result.


Within 6 months, we had helped Prestige Cars grow their Instagram following from 2,000 followers to over 19,000. And the effects were beginning to show in their revenue as well – online sales were making 50% of their revenue.

As we continued to scale the strategies we were using on Facebook and Instagram, we noticed a trend: Competitors were beginning to copy the style of the social media posts on Prestige Cars’ platforms. The style of their social media posts had now become the standard within the auto-dealer industry, and we’re proud to have implemented this innovation.

Public Nectar continues to work with Prestige Cars, where their Instagram following now sits at more than 30,000, and Facebook ads continue to pull great revenue for the business.

Perhaps our proudest achievement was the name change that Prestige cars, originally Prestige Cars of Essex, underwent; The old name no longer reflected their growing business – they had become a nationwide retailer.

If you’re looking for a massive boost in revenue just like Prestige Cars using Facebook ads, schedule a free strategy call today to find out how we can help you.