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The Brand

Paradisco on the Grass was a one-day festival held on the Sunshine Coast by Pineapple Xpress and Entourage Tours. Offering a lineup of all-star Australian DJs and international artists, Paradisco on the Grass gave attendees the opportunity to party all-day next to the beautiful Lake Kawana.

The Goal

Paradisco were already doing Facebook Advertising themselves, but wanted to increase the effectiveness of their ads and drive higher ticket sales. They enlisted the help of Public Nectar to restructure their funnel and develop a new strategy of driving ticket purchases.

The Solution

To understand how we could help Paradisco improve their Facebook ads, we first conducted an account audit to understand the strategy they were pursuing. While they were already getting sales from their ads, we noted one area of improvement that could provide a quick win: A large portion of the budget was going towards boosted posts.

Boosting posts is a common practice we see with businesses running their own ads, but it’s often not the most effective strategy.

We remedied this by setting up a simple two-step funnel that was optimised for conversions instead of awareness.

The Strategy

At the top-of-funnel (TOF) we focused on establishing the first touch point with a cold audience. These would be people who had never heard of or interacted with Paradisco’s brand before, and provided a large audience pool to target. The goal here was to grab the attention of users scrolling through their feeds, and introduce them to the brand in a natural way.

To create thumb-stopping ads for this stage, we combined eye-catching images for the event with copy that highlighted the all-star lineup and the theme of partying on the Sunshine Coast. And by focusing on the USPs of the event, we could position it as a “must-attend” festival, which worked well in attracting a cold audience.

After we had established the initial touch point with the audience, we could retarget them at the bottom-of-funnel (BOF) stage.

At the BOF stage, we continued to nurture the audience while also injecting a sense of urgency around buying a ticket. This was in the form of eye-catching images with straplines designed to grab the user’s attention, such as “See You Soon!” or “Tickets Selling Quickly!”.

This BOF retargeting step was a crucial part of the funnel, and one of the key drivers of ticket purchases for the event.

However, many event organisers don’t implement this retargeting step. They create great ads to get their ideal customers to click through to their event pages, but then they never follow up – and they miss out on a massive opportunity.

According to DigitalMarketer, 96% of visitors don’t even make a purchase on the first visit. That means event organisers who aren’t including retargeting in their strategies are leaving a LOT of money on the table. Because of this, we knew that if we optimised the retargeting for Paradisco’s ads, we had the potential to drive much higher ticket sales.

After we began to get a solid flow of customers successfully completing the funnel, we began to scale our strategy vertically. This meant increasing the budgets to drive a higher volume of ticket purchases.

In addition to the Facebook strategy, we also ran an email marketing campaign for Paradisco. The goal of this campaign was to keep the event top-of-mind for potential buyers, as well as to convert those who were on the fence. This sequence was successful in pushing those who were still undecided to purchase, as the emails highlighted ticket scarcity and the fact that the event was fast-approaching.

Combining the Facebook and email marketing strategies allowed us to keep Paradisco at the forefront of the customers minds. This proved incredibly effective, and was shown in the result we achieved for Paradisco.


Using Public Nectar’s Facebook advertising strategies, Paradisco spent $2,027.17, and achieved a return of $13,232.95.

By combining eye-catching creative, a solid offer, and effective retargeting strategies, we were able to produce a 6.5x return on ad spend (ROAS).

In other words, for every $1 that was put in, Paradisco got $6.50 back out. Of course, results like these aren’t the norm for every Facebook campaign we run. But they do serve as an exciting example of how Facebook can be an incredibly lucrative advertising channel, especially for events organisers. And the best part was that this was achieved using just a simple two-step funnel!

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“We’re an Australian-based events company. So at first, we were feeling a little bit unsure because we usually only work with local businesses. But once we spoke to Lewis and the team, I had a feeling we made the right choice. And lo and behold – they absolutely smashed our ads!”