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The Brand

One of the UK’s fastest-growing clubland events, Foreverland, appointed Public Nectar to sell out their biggest event of the year – a Psychedelic Carnival of music and immersive entertainment at London’s famous Studio 338.

The Goal

The target was set high – selling all 3,000 tickets in a period of just 3 months. It was a big ask and would require a lot of hard work and strategic Facebook advertising, yet Public Nectar gladly accepted the challenge.

The Solution

Before beginning the campaign, we noticed an opportunity for quick wins right from the outset.

We conducted a comprehensive account audit of all previous campaigns Foreverland had run. The aim of this was to identify the most successful tactics from past events to help us map out the most effective strategy for this campaign. Once we had outlined the best approach to take, we began creating a sales funnel to establish touch points with the audience at each stage of their journey to purchase.

The Strategy

The first step we took was to implement Graduation Testing. This unique testing methodology helps us to find the optimum personas offers, and creatives for the brand, allowing us to identify the biggest opportunities for our clients in turn.

Once the most profitable ads had been determined, we then ran canvas ads at the Top of Funnel Level to create a full-screen, seamless experience. These unique ads highlighted Foreverland’s USP by showcasing the immersive and interactive nature of the one-of-a-kind event.

The Middle and Bottom of Funnel retargeting ads were then created, each sending a different message to users based on their behaviour and purchase intent. The goal of our retargeting strategy was to emphasise a sense of scarcity and urgency; using messaging with numerical warnings and reminders that time was running out to purchase tickets for the event.

Last but not least, we added social proof to all of the ads using Page Post Engagement (or PPE, for short). Social proof is the public social engagement that other users can see on an ad, shown by its Likes, Comments and Shares. The concept behind this tactic is that when a user sees an ad with hundreds of positive comments, likes, and shares, they are far more likely to stop, engage with the ad, and take action. In the case of this event, the high levels of social proof were highly effective in building excitement about the event and driving ticket purchases.


Public Nectar succeeded in not only in selling all 3,000 tickets, but did so ahead of schedule as well.

By delegating the marketing campaign to Public Nectar, Foreverland’s ownership was able to focus on the logistical challenges of organising the event, without having to use precious time, resources, or mental energy on tracking sales.

Promoting your brand through Facebook Advertising can be extremely lucrative. But without knowledge all the intricacies of this type of marketing, making a mistake could cost you thousands of pounds. That’s why it’s important to work with a trusted agency that stays on top of emerging trends in the world of Facebook Ads. This is at the heart of what we do at Public Nectar, with our pioneering approach to advertising which means our clients can rely on us to get the highest profit at the lowest cost.

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