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The Brand

First choice grass is one of the leading distributors of artificial grass in the UK. With a wide range of grass types, they aim to provide the customer with a large selection to suit any need in their home.

The Goal

The goal that we defined with First Choice Grass was to grow their online presence. By doing this, they could reach a wider audience at a cheaper cost than many other marketing methods they were pursuing at the time.

Ultimately, an online sales funnel would serve as a great entry point for potential leads, after which a sales consultant from First Choice Grass could follow up with the prospect to close the sale.

The Solution

The task we decided to tackle first was to grow the social media presence of First Choice Grass. To achieve this, we focused on the 3 pillars of effective content marketing – affinity, authority, and awareness.

Affinity is the likeability factor of the business, which can be earned through content which appeals to the users light-hearted side. The second pillar, authority, builds the trust factor between the business and its audience, positioning it as the go-to for queries, news, and industry updates. The final pillar, awareness, is where First choice grass would make its call to action, encouraging users to either buy product or arrange an enquiry call.

The Strategy

We began creating a solid foundation of posts on the First Choice Grass Facebook and Instagram pages. On these platforms, we would post content designed to elicit engagement in the form of questions, memes, and eye-catching images of stunning artificial grass.

This type of interactive content proved effective in building a connection with First Choice Grass and its audience, meaning page followers were more likely to become customers over time.

In addition to the organic strategy, we put into place a Facebook Ad advertising plan. The first step in this process was to determine which customers would be the most likely to buy through Rapid Fire Testing of different persona types and creatives.

Once these ideal personas were identified, we started creating videos that highlighted the customer journey. These videos showed the sample-ordering process at First Choice Grass using a storytelling structure. They detailed how easy it was to order a free sample pack, while also providing an effective method to handle any objections the customer may have.

This strategy generated hundreds of leads, which would be followed up by First Choice Grass’ sales team afterwards. Upon scaling, we began to optimise the ads even further. This brought the cost per lead down, resulting in higher profitability for First Choice Grass’ campaigns.


The organic strategy took off almost immediately. The first video, a dog video intended to appeal to the users light-hearted side, showed the pay-offs of a strong content marketing strategy – it generated nearly half a million views within days of being posted. Posts such as this were a powerful element in building trust and likeability with First Choice Grass’ audience.

Within months of rolling out this organic strategy, First Choice Grass Facebook page had grown from 5,000 to over 17,000 likes. Not only this, but we had managed to grow their Instagram following by nearly 6,000 followers.

The Facebook Ads strategy showed strong results as well. By showcasing the customer journey in our ads, we achieved a 7.2x return on ad spend for our client, and boosted sample pack orders by 400%.

The pioneering social strategies and advertising techniques we used with First Choice Grass gave them a massive boost in business, and set the standard for social media strategies within the industry.

If you’d like to achieve similar results for your business using Facebook Ads, get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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