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The Brand

Elite Skills Arena (ESA) provides innovative training arenas designed to improve footballers’ performance. The main target audience for these arenas are football centres, academies, and clubs.

The Goal

Although ESA had been running Facebook ads, these were not proving profitable. The primary aim for ESA was to reach their audience more effectively through both organic and paid traffic, and transform their Facebook strategy into a key revenue-driver.

The Solution

Before working with Public Nectar, ESA was working with many different companies, but not all these clients were totally aligned with ESA’s target audience.

Through their own Facebook Ad efforts, they were failing to see a return on investment. Although they were generating leads, these were only reaching prospects that couldn’t realistically purchase their products.

To remedy these problems, they needed to build trust and affinity with their current customers, while also attracting leads that were qualified. This started with building a solid organic strategy that could be leveraged for paid traffic later on.

The first step in this process was to leverage social media to build their brand. An Instagram page was created to showcase the products and services, while also reaching a well of potential customers. This strategy focused on hitting the three A’s of social media content: Affinity, Authority, and Awareness. By implementing this strategy, ESA were able to create more interest around their product and connect with their audience in a way they weren’t before.

At the same time, ESA needed to start reaching new prospects, and this was done using the power of Facebook Ads.

The Strategy

We began by promoting the aspect of social proof around ESA’s brand. This was done to build customer appeal around the business, and position it as a key player in the sporting market. Influencer marketing formed a big part of our approach, where we encouraged well-known football players to try out ESA’s football arenas and post about the businesses’ products.

To further position the brand as the go-to within the industry, we reached out to large media publications, asking them to share ESA’s content at the Top of Funnel level (customers who were completely new to the brand). This provided a massive authority boost, making it easier to nurture and convert these customers as we guided them further down the sales funnel.

We continued posting organically on Facebook and Instagram, and began putting ad spend behind the most popular posts. For cold audiences, this served as the perfect way to introduce them to the brand. They also helped to keep the brand top-of-mind when advertising to Middle-of-Funnel audiences. For these ads, users would be directed to the ESA website, helping them to learn more about the brand.

As users interacted with the website, they would then be retargeted thanks to Facebook’s intelligent Pixel. Using data captured by the Pixel, we were able to create that ads tailored to the audience across Facebook and Instagram, encouraging them to go back to the website, and ultimately, enquire about one of ESA’s arenas.

We continued with this approach of paid and organic strategies, slowly building touch points with the customer. This constant brand messaging, combined with the large amount of social proof we had built, meant that ESA was finally being noticed by its ideal customers – and ultimately, driving more revenue off the back of it.


The results began to show almost immediately. As their Instagram following continued to grow and the Facebook ads continued to bring in qualified, profitable leads, Lewis and the team doubled down on what was working.

Over the course of our work with ESA, we succeeded in building their presence online and establishing social media as a strong revenue stream for the business. We built their Instagram from the ground up, to the point where it now has over 12,000 followers and serves as an important pillar of their social media strategy.

What’s more, the Facebook Ads strategy we put in place brought great results for the business – over 20% of sales came as a result of social media campaigns. Ultimately, Public Nectar helped ESA to reach more of the right audience, on the right platforms, and use a smaller ad-spend to achieve it.