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The Brand

Cheshire Disco Festival approached Public Nectar to help promote their brand new event – just 5 weeks out and without a single ticket sold. We were excited at the challenge!

1. (Really) do our audience research

This was an event that had never been offered before, and the client didn’t have a single sale to leverage for research.

But we knew it would be crucial to *really* understand who we were targeting with the ads….
We knew we had to get more specific than the “obvious” targeting options. So to help us really do some digging, we leveraging things like:

-> Using data from similar events the client had run in the past…
-> Performed competitor research to leverage existing offers that were already out there…
-> Did some necessary “educated guesswork” based on previous event advertising experience…

We then worked with the client to make sure we really nailed down their audience interests and location targeting. As long as we could get the targeting 80% right in the beginning, we could gradually test our way to success once we launched the ads. The second key ingredient came in the form of a funnel…

2. Target users based on purchases intent

Not all customers are made equal. The customer who’s only just discovered your brand is NOT in the same mindset as the customer who’s checked out your event page multiple times already.
To tap into this and make sure we were targeting the right people with the right kind of messaging, we set up a 3-step funnel.
Here’s what it looked like:

-> Top of funnel:
Users here were completely new to the brand. To get them interested, we needed to highlight the USP of the Cheshire Disco Festival and showcase the experience they could expect.

-> Middle of funnel:
Here, users knew of the brand, but still needed nurturing before they were ready to buy. The key here was to elaborate on features of the event that may not have been mentioned in the TOF ads.

-> Bottom of funnel:
Finally, users at this stage were ready to buy, but just needed a final nudge to pull the trigger. Ads emphasizing the urgency of buying, or the scarcity of tickets were what moved the needle the most at this stage.

By targeting by purchase intent and adjusting our messaging accordingly, we could effectively reach each user where *they* were in the buying process, increasing overall conversions. And with just weeks until the event, there was also one important move we had to make for the campaigns to be as effective as possible…

3. Stay top of mind

As the event drew closer, we intentionally set the frequency of our ads higher than normal. This meant that the ads would show up in people’s feeds more often, serving as a constant reminder in the back of their mind to buy a ticket. Purely by showing up more often in the News Feed, we were able to achieve a noticeable bump in conversion rates in the final 2-3 weeks leading up to the event.

Most customers won’t buy the second they discover your brand, which is why staying on their radar until they’re ready is so important.

Big Success!

Event tickets were completely sold out in only 3 weeks.

‘‘Fantastic company to work with.

Friendly, easy going, reliable & realistic. After working with PN, they have sold 2/2 festivals out for us. Couldn’t recommend them enough.’’

Cheshire Disco Festival