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The Brand

Beauty business Butt Naked Aesthetics was hit hard by lockdowns in 2020. They had relied on clients booking follow-up appointments in-person directly after their sessions, and this strategy was no longer viable during the lockdown.

1. (Really) doing our research

To create ads that cut through the noise and caught the attention of their dream clients, we knew their messaging had to be properly dialed in.

To do this, we conducted in-depth audience research to build an accurate picture of their ideal client. This included leveraging things like:

-> Existing buyer lists
-> Competitor analysis
-> Facebook’s own
“Audience Insights” tool

We then used this info to create highly-targeted copy and thumb-stopping creative designed to attract attention and convert that attention into clicks. We knew that if we could at least generate the click, we would be able to retarget each user down the road.

*Something interesting to note here:
Before/After images are a great way to show social proof – but are unfortunately banned as advertising creatives on Facebook. We worked around this by showing the “After” shots from previous client treatments (without the “Before” images.) This would not only provide the social proof we needed, but also added an “aspirational” angle to the images that would allow the users looking at the ad to “future pace” what their results could look like.*

Next, we created a bespoke landing page to maximise conversions.

2 Create a bespoke landing page

Here’s where things got really interesting. Up until this point the client had been running traffic to a booking form for an initial, free consultation that looked like this:

Initial Free Consultation -> Paid Procedure

The problem, however, was that they were spending too much time on free consultations, leaving them less time to actually fulfil paid appointments. This presented us with an interesting opportunity:
We created a bespoke landing page for her campaign, and removed the “Free Consultation” step. Now, the landing page would be taking both bookings AND payments for appointments up-front.

3. Targeted users by purchase intent

Not all customers are made equal, and can often be separated by something called “Purchase Intent” (I.e. how close they are to buying).
And while mass targeting can work, we knew from experience that targeting customers by purchase intent is usually a LOT more profitable for cold traffic.
Here’s how we split up the customer targeting for this campaign:

->Top funnel: These users had never heard of the brand before, and needed to be warmed up first before buying. This meant grabbing their attention with thumb-stopping creative, piquing their interest for the client’s services using bnefit-driven ad copy, and encouraging them to click on the ad. We knew that only a tiny percentage of prospects would actually convert at this Top of Funnel stage.

..but this is what we also knew.

By visiting the landing page, we could then retarget them again at the next step of the funnel.

-> Middle of funnel: Here, prospects had heard of the brand, and likely visited the booking page, but had not yet booked a session.
This stage of the funnel was all about building trust.
User generated content and reviews/images from previous clients were key here to nurture the relationship. Many of these users would go on to fill out the form, but not actually complete it. This would bring them to the final stage of the funnel, where they would be encouraged to finally take action.

-> Bottom of funnel: Users here were ready to book their session, but just needed the final nudge to finally take action.This meant targeting them with ads which encouraged one of two things:

– To go back and finish their booking, Or;
– Letting them know that spots were filling up fast to pull on the urgency lever

By now, prospects were fully aware of the brand, and were in the prime state to finally take action.
This funnel allowed us to more effectively convert cold traffic into bookings than could generally be achieved by linear, mass targeting.

-> Bottom of funnel:

Users at this stage were ready to buy – just needed the final nudge! To do this, we pressed on the urgency and scarcity angles of buying a ticket with “Tickets Selling Fast” angles in both the copy and the creative. By guiding users through a funnel, we were able to turn completely cold traffic into Ticket Sales in a more profitable, effective way. As part of our funnels, we also added one key ingredient…

The results?

New bookings: 121
Cost per booking: £19

The client’s calendar was now filled with *paying* customers instead of free consultations, and she could spend much more of her time on revenue-generating activities. Lastly, to put the final, important backbone into the strategy, we made sure to split up their audience into 3 separate groups based on their purchase intent.

‘‘Lewis and his team have been a great investment to my business. I’ve only been working with them since November and I’m so pleased with my results so far.

Within the first week of joining, I couldn’t believe the amount of leads and phone calls we received.
I’ve seen such a huge change within leads generation, enquires and bookings! Before lockdown, my calendar was fully booked. I also noticed a large incline of earnings within one month.
My account manager Ben recently created a new ad for my February offers and I’ve been inundated with calls, emails and messages over the last few days. I’ve made over 5.6k in sales within a few days.

My business is now receiving the recognition it needed and I couldn’t have done that without public Nectar.

Thank you!’’

Butt Naked Aesthetics