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The Brand

Arnold Sports Festival is the world’s largest health, fitness and multi-sport festival, arriving in the
UK for the first time ever – amidst the restrictions and lockdowns of COVID-19.

Despite these restrictions, we were able to generate thousands of early access purchases and ticket sales totalling over £500,000 with our bespoke strategy – and received amazing
feedback from the client.

1) Split users up with a funnel.

By creating a funnel,
we could split the ASF customers up by purchase intent. This allowed us to adjust our messaging based on where the customer was in the buying process, allowing us to achieve higher conversion rates than traditional mass targeting. Here’s what that funnel looked like:

-> Top of funnel:

These ads went out to people who had never heard of the brand before. To get them engaged and interested in the event, we served them ads that showcased the different USPs of the event (such as the vast range of exhibitions on offer). We then combined this with ad copy that focused on getting the user excited about the prospect of coming out of lockdown. This meant that the ads were both engaging and relevant, helping to increase the click-through rate that the ads saw. We then built trust with the next step of the funnel…

-> Middle of funnel:

Users at this stage knew of the brand, but still needed more nurturing before making the decision to purchase. This involved showcasing other areas of the ASF event, such as new guest announcements and appearances, to build further excitement for the event. Once this nurturing had been done, the users were guided down to the important “action phase” of the funnel…

-> Bottom of funnel:

Users at this stage were ready to buy – just needed the final nudge! To do this, we pressed on the urgency and scarcity angles of buying a ticket with “Tickets Selling Fast” angles in both the copy and the creative. By guiding users through a funnel, we were able to turn completely cold traffic into Ticket Sales in a more profitable, effective way. As part of our funnels, we also added one key ingredient…

2) Thumb-stopping creative

You could have the best funnel in the world – but it won’t matter if no one even sees your ads. To make sure the client’s ads were noticed, we had to create thumb-stopping creative for their campaigns.This meant liaising with their talented graphic design team to create highly engaging, snappy images and videos that would stand out in the feed. Using experience of what has performed well in previous campaigns, we helped to educate them on creating Facebook-native content, tailored to conversions, that would easily grab the user’s attention. We then combined these engaging pieces of creative with ad copy from our copywriter to ensure that people weren’t just seeing each ad – they were clicking on them too. We made sure to analyse data from previous campaigns as well to help us identify the real thumb-stopping designs to include in this campaign. To round off the customer journey and make sure it was geared for conversions, we also helped their design team optimise their landing page.
(E.g. – removing friction points, making it easier to purchase, and including clear, compelling calls to action…) We then launched the ads, and focused on the critical step…

3) Testing, Testing, and moretesting

After running hundreds of campaigns for clients, we’ve seen just how much testing can dramatically increase the profitability of a campaign. But not just a single round of testing…
Constant, ongoing testing.
By finding which combination of creative, copy, and targeting make up your “winning” ads, you can double down on them, increasing the profitability of your campaign. And so we tested, narrowed down, and found our winners.

Then did it again. And again. And again.


Despite these restrictions, we were able to generate thousands of early access purchases and ticket sales totalling over £500,000 with our bespoke strategy – and received amazing feedback from the client.

Arnold Sports Festival