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Our goal at Public Nectar is to achieve breakthrough results for our clients using innovative Facebook Ads strategies. We always start with the end in mind – reverse-engineering the ideal approach to achieve our clients’ goals. With over 5 year’s experience using Facebook Ads to drive massive growth for a range of businesses, you can trust us to help you unlock growth for your brand.


After a career-ending injury cut my professional footballing contract short, I fell into the fast-paced world of social media marketing. I began work as an intern for a sports equipment retailer at the peak of its growth, and quickly discovered the limitless power of digital marketing for businesses in today’s age. This interest soon became a passion, and eventually led me to co-found my own digital marketing company – Public Nectar.

Lewis Lindsay

Founder & MD

The captain of the ship – Lewis can always be trusted to bring solid leadership to the team and a bit of banter to the office

Ben Rogers

Account Director

Bringing over 8 years of experience to the team, Ben has a real passion for Facebook Ads and has worked across a wide range of client industries. Always approachable, Ben is a problem solver with a keen eye for strategy and team management.

Aggie Zdankowska

Senior Graphic Designer

Aggie makes Graphic Design look easy (even though it’s definitely not). We can always count on her to turn our rubbish drawings into masterpieces!

Joshua Hyde

Facebook Ads Specialist

Data-driven and analytical, Josh brings a wealth of e-commerce and events PPC experience to the agency. Having worked with clients across a wide range of industries, he knows how to drive the best possible performance out of any campaign. A boundary pusher, Josh is always looking to bump his clients up to the next level.

Justin Jones

Head of Google Shopping

Justin is a premiere Google Shopping expert, with over a decade of experience driving campaign performance across a wide range of markets and territories. From feed management to strategy, optimisations and budget management, his hands-on-approach demonstrates his commitment to achieving the best possible results for his clients.

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